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Solar FIlm

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    Bonded to new or existing glass. All our film treatments come with extensive warranties and can be installed “in or out of office hours”. Ask for a colour swatch - there’s over 100 to select from!

    Options include:

    - Bomb Blast Protection Protects employees from shard glass
    - Solar Control Films Reduces heat loss through winter
    - Window graphics To any artwot
    - Privacy Films One or two way protection
    - Anti Fade Films Filter out nearly all of UV radiation
    - Anti Glare Films Reduces glare by up to 90%
    - Security Films Holds glass together in the event of breakage

    Unsure whether you need replacement film?
    Enjoy a free test report on us to see if your existing film properties are still active.

    For more information, call: 020 7700 6000